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L-Arginine as a Natural Libido Booster

Posted by John Dugan | Published 2012-09-24 00:19:32 | Medical Business

L-Arginine is an important amino acid for the health of the heart and the penis. It is involved with maintaining good blood pressure and circulation, and benefits sexual virility in men. Scientists n...

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Homemade Male Sensual Toys Can Aid in Member Health

Posted by John Dugan | Published 2016-12-07 06:14:04 | Medical Business

Male sensual toys are great for good member health – and sometimes they can be made in the privacy of a man’s own home with simple household objects....

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Scary Looking Male Organ Bumps Might Be Lichen Planus

Posted by John Dugan | Published 2019-10-14 07:17:05 | Medical Business

Male organ bumps are generally unwanted, but sometimes unavoidable. Men with good hygiene practices may still get male organ bumps from something known as lichen planus....

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