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A Look at the Franchise Business Model

Posted by James Copper | Published 2009-09-04 21:30:29 | Business

The term "franchising" refers to a business model that's been around since the mid-1800's when the manufacturers of the Singer sewing machine first dreamed it up as a way to expand the distribution of...

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Everything You Need to Know About an Advertising Campaign

Posted by James Copper | Published 2009-09-12 03:23:14 | Business

Today, every business tends to have a strong advertising campaign for its product In simple terms, advertising is a process of promoting and endorsing a product in the local market...

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Free Business Advertising: Is it Any Good?

Posted by James Copper | Published 2009-09-29 22:29:11 | Business

Many advertising companies offer free business advertising schemes If you are a customer of the company for a long time, you can post free ads on their websites...

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Hiring a Web Design Agency

Posted by James Copper | Published 2009-11-15 06:03:41 | Business

All businesses need a website these days in order to survive The internet is essential for all business transactions...

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